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All exhibitions of my activities and narrowly understood creativity are united by the amazing atmosphere created by people. You always gave me wings and I thank you from the bottom of my depths

Dominika Zakrzewska Sir JJ Art School

DiaLOGIC: December 2nd 2023

An amazing journey and good energy – the
best gift for the fourth decade of my life :)

Reporfs from opening: Kala Samvad, Mangesh Fadale​, Chaitanya Nag,

Painting works from the DiaLOGIC series are painted poems. A book with the same title will be released next year. It will include the above-mentioned poems in a readable form, a description of my painting activities and observations painted with words.

The poems in my life began to verbalize when it was time to confront with myself. Thats how painting with words have become for me a way to communicate with myself and the world. It is a direction of self-expression that gives me a smile and joy in my heart – a feeling of fullness and unity.


DajLOG: : 8-30 September 2023

– Preparations are underway

OLSZTYN: Gallery "In the frames of art"
Gietkowska 10E 
Dragoon Barracks

„Bridges - Dialogue" 2022

Jatki 2.0 Food & Culture

The "Bridges: Dialogue" exhibition is a reflection on completely different worlds that find a way of understanding in every person. They interpenetrate, despite their differences, creating one, coherent one
and compatible.

The works are a continuation of the "Poemazy" series from 2011, where Frthe multitude of thoughts initially found expression in the written word,
and even written out, which inevitably entered the pages of painting proceedings - at a time when the definition of a pandemic was not widely known, much less was it the essence of the functioning of societies...

The original method of juxtaposing various media on paper used in the exhibited works caused the layers that could not be combined to create a new dimension of organic existence - a bridge of understanding and dialogue in one. Moreover, she non-invasively combined the written word with painting - which naturally began to intertwine.


„WarJATKI" 2021

Jatki 2.0 Food & Culture

I thought that 2021 would be no different from the previous year, which turned on all possible heads. I was already giving one of my works to my sister as a gift, when my beloved asked: "Why aren't you doing an exhibition? It was your dream...". I cried, but everything in the sky and on the earth began to point in the only acceptable direction...

WarJATKI® are representations of human - mainly female - faces. Originally, the series of portraits was to be called "Women of Life". The idea was triggered by the death of Lidka - a girl who, at the age of 50, lost her fight with a crustacean. Thanks to her, Zakrzewo's perception and appreciation of the Faces That Are began to gain depth and the dimension of thanksgiving - that they are there, when they are there and while they are there.

WarJATKI change my life, although I didn't expect that I would paint realistically, and to top it all off, faces - an extremely difficult and emotional topic...

The exhibition was written about by, among others,,Resident andStay Happening


„One & Oni" 2017

Gallery "On the Eleventh"

An unexpected event  My friend and her husband suggested that they would organize an exhibition of my works at their home "On Eleventh" (meaning "since they are lying there anyway"). It was about 5 years after I stopped painting. It may seem like an intimate event, but it made me think that painting is an area of my own fullness, which, due to numerous overloads, I decided to sweep under the carpet of my non-existence. I cried with happiness, but what happened next exceeded my wildest imagination...

„Poescribbles" 2012

Institute of nice pieces

This opening and exhibition was unexpectedly forgotten years later. The history of the symbiosis of two worlds, painting with words and thoughts, began with "Poescribbles". The exhibition took place at the beginning of 2012 at the already mentioned RamPamPamPam Institute of Nice Pieces - in the heart of the Wrocław Market Square.


The exhibition was invited by, among others: What's up i For Lejdis.

„Lines from the past" 2012

Institute of nice pieces

The owners of the no longer existing cultural pub "RamPamPamPam" in Wrocław once asked me: "Miśka, so, are we having an exhibition?" And so the exhibition of our old-fashioned lines happened. It was interesting and so colorful that... it ended with a game of caps at Słodowa Street in Wrocław :).

_Tyły_ w galerii _Pod Psem_

"Butts" 2011

Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław

A long time ago, when I was still studying painting in the famous studio 210 of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, a professor once told me: "Dominika, now it's your turn". In this way, apart from numerous painting and drawing reviews in the vast corridors of the academy and the relatively spacious studio, I had my opening at the "Gallery Under The Dog". Although it was not my first opening at all, but my first solo one. 

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