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– not only on the walls

– nice piece of art!

disegnare su il muro

Who is Zakrzewska?

I can't find a single definition, but I am close to a modern Renaissance man who naturally considers it unnatural to define and stuff into boxes any classification of himself or others.

I create and process. I shape and transform. Sometimes I destroy to create a new, different life. This applies to both the material and spiritual understanding of artifacts. More humanly: I paint pictures on canvases and walls, I make jewelry from materials theoretically not intended for this purpose, and I design - once gardens, now numerous graphics - using computers.


What's more, I have been making books in cooperation with for years. Yes, I do. I format the delivered content for printing in almost every field - from proofreading and linguistic editing, through typesetting, to cover design.

I am myself in everything I do.


What are you ordering? 


Dzięki za wiadomość!


Painting is fun
– especially on the walls

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