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Click on the gallery bars below to see the wonders of Zakrzewska.

Behind the galleries you will find illustrative prices and scope of my activities. You have idea, imagination what you want and what you don't want  write more. Below you will find an overview what I do. In the "exhibition" tab  a little differentdimension...

Zakrzewska's pictures

Zakrzewska's covers

Zakrzewska's necklaces

Zakrzewska's prices




  • on the wall/wall £1000/m2

  • on canvas £1000/100x70 cm

  • on paper £1000/100x70 cm


  • on the wall/wall PLN 3,000/m2

  • on canvas PLN 3,000-5,000/100x70 cm

  • on Bristol board PLN 3,000-5,000/100x70 cm

e-Drawing/e-Image (JPG/PNG/PDF)​​

  • portrait/caricature/other – PLN 1,000-5,000

kombo_Akasza_z kartami.png

Graphic project

The pricing depends on the number of pages/level of project complexity:

  • Book cover £300

  • Cover visualization £50

  •  Logo £150-200

  • Business card £150-200

  • Roll-up/poster £150-200

  • Graphics/illustration £150-300
    (individual pricing depends on the number of details and the level of complexity of the project)

  • Additional work £50/h
    (additional modifications going beyond the arrangements or changes to a closed project)



Necklace £50-150

Bracelet £50-100

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